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The Hampshire Court Hotel, Great Binfields Rd, Chineham, Basingstoke RG24 8FY

Time: 12:00 – 3:30pm

Format: Lunch & Networking; Training Session; Coffee & Learning Clinic

Next Meeting – 13th October 2017 – Redefining Resilience…and the Science Behind it


‘Resilience’ has become the label of choice for a host of personal development programmes and research over the last decade. On the up side, with so much scientific research in this area, we now know more than ever about our brain and body, we know we can develop our personal resilience and we have an ever increasing mass of tools and techniques to help us.

Today adaptability, agility and confidence are vital to thriving in our professional lives. These and other skills linked to ‘personal success’ and ‘mental toughness’ move the emphasis from merely coping with adversity, to strength in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity, and growth for better results. All these aspects are closely connected to or fall under the umbrella of resilience.

Some would argue that, much like its predecessor ‘stress management’, the term ‘resilience’ doesn’t tell the full story. Perhaps due to its branding heritage or its wide range of definitions, many of us have not created a strong link between the range of the skills and behaviours needed in today’s fast changing world and the word ‘resilience’.  Perhaps a redefinition or rebrand is in order?

Join Tina Harris for the return of the BFLG South to review and share the latest insights in this area. During the session we will:

1) Look at the brain and neuroscience research and how it relates to resilience/ mental toughness
2) Share, evaluate and challenge a range of different tools and models designed to build personal resilience – feel free to bring along your favourite
3) Take-away tools, tips and techniques about ‘resilience’ to apply to areas like leadership, communication and change management.

Tina has successfully combined her experience and expertise in Business Development and People Development throughout her career. She specialises in helping people maximise their impact in a fast changing world and for many years has had a particular interest in harnessing and developing mental strength to achieve results.


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