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Time: 10:00am – 2:30pm

Format: Topic of the Day followed by lunch and then the Learning Clinic

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Friday 12th April


with Kay Buckby

Kay will use experiential learning and discussions so each of us can find our own meaning and application in our own practice.

  • How many times are learners distracted by their mobiles?
  • How many times do we allow ourself to be distracted by that reflex action of looking at mobiles?
  • What effect does a stressed learner have on their own learning process, and worse, the learning experience of those around them?
  • How slowing down really does enable us to achieve more in life – and learning is no different to the ‘To do’ list

We will explore:

1) How a learner’s state of mind can influence the learning process

2) How stress and distractions can affect the learning process

3) How we can use mindfulness techniques to combat distractions, stress and negativity to maximise learning

Kay is a lifelong learner and believes we all have unlimited potential. Her aim is to enable people to reach their true potential in life. A qualified trainer with 30 years’ experience of working in learning and development, she facilitates learning through experiential activities and outcomes-driven events. Kay is a Fellow of ITOL.

Kay has incorporated mindfulness meditation into her life since 2003 after attending the 8-week course designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. She now incorporates mindfulness principles into her training programmes and facilitation of events.

Come along and discover how to be more mindful!

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 Further dates

14th June 2019 – Working with Change’ with Lindsey Byrne

11th October 2019 – ‘TetraMap’ with Nicki Davey

Dates TBC:

More dates will be added shortly!

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